Monday, July 24, 2006

i love peter-pan collars

After seeing this lovely shirt on SouleMama, it made me want to be a much better seamstress! How cute is that shirt? The Simplicity pattern is 4179 and it almost makes me want to run out to Dressew and pick up the pattern, pronto. True, I'll definitely get frustrated, but maybe with some help from a friend, I just might be able to craft myself the most perfect shirt ever. And of course, if I don't end up making the shirt myself, does anyone have any recommendations on where I could buy a cute lil' blouse with a peter pan collar? I love the shirts at The Red Dress Shoppe, but alas, they wouldn't fit over my chesty biggins. Sigh, what's a big-boobed girl to do? It really does seem like sewing is the best option!

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Blogger MrBL said...

I love Peter Pan collars as well. I'm trying to find a plain white shirt or blouse in my size (42" chest) that has a Peter Pan collar. Impossible!

3:33 PM  

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