Wednesday, December 20, 2006

top of the pops

Working in a record store for many years, I got into the habit of writing down lists for best record of the year, top songs of the year, etc. I'm not quite so anal about my listening habits, but I certainly do love reading everyone's yearly lists and have managed to come up with a list of my own.

In no particular order, other than alphabetical, I give you some of my favorite songs of the year! I tried to make sure that all songs were on albums released in 2006 and had links to music/videos/etc. that were easy to find online.

Here we go!

raising the sparks, akron family (mp3)

cuckoo, archie bronson outfit (stream)

suzanne, the battles (myspace stream)

postcards from italy, beirut (mp3)

i swear this was out in 2005, but i've seen it on so many lists for 2006...let's make love & listen to death from above, cansei de ser sexy (youtube)

did i step on your trumpet, danielson (mov)

i try, gnarls barkley (stream)

tacobel cannon, ratatat (mp3)

put a penny in the slot, fionn regan (mp3)

emptyhead, they shoot horses don't they? (mp3)



Anonymous Joanne said...

Cool! thanks for posting the links :)

I am not familiar with any of these songs or the bands/musicians...yup, I'm a music ignoramus - big time.

You can ask me anything about late 80's (ugh!) music and I can tell you the names of bands, band members names, song titles, recall details about the music videos, etc. I was in my teens, in high school, listening to the radio (CFNY) all day long. My life revolved around fashion and music.

Nowadays, I just listen mostly to oldies, Motown, and show tunes.

Maybe I'm just getting older...or just old :]

9:27 PM  

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