Wednesday, November 15, 2006


This afternoon I'll be filling out co-op housing applications. We love our tiny little colourful apartment and neighbourhood and ridiculously low rent, but it's time to go. Our building is too damp which is reeking havoc with Cornelius' lungs and it sure would be nice to get his computer out of the kitchen. We're all for small apartment living, but surely 2 people crammed into 400 square feet of space can use another couple hundred feet, I think.

As much as we'd love to Go Rural, we aren't ready for that for another couple of years, yet. So urban co-op housing seems like the way to go. It's affordable, there are many locations around the city in neighbourhoods that I like, and although I'm not into communal living, cooperation with your neighbours sounds pretty perfect. No matter how much cheaper it may be to live in the suburbs, I'd never do it. The social and lifestyle costs are just too enormous. I found a good article during my co-op search last night about living small in the big city. It's just too bad that buying a condo is way out of our reach, price-wise. Thank goodness for co-ops!



Anonymous Joanne said...

Talk to me, sister!

Affordable housing in Toronto is marginally better than what I hear is happening in Vancouver.

My partner and I are renting and have been eyeing the real estate market now for 2 years. The prices keep going higher while the rents are staying static so, it seems financially feasible to remain a renter. We're paying a handsome fee for the place we're at and the utilities are an extra that means no "extras" like cable television, trips or vacations this year, and also having to cut back on hosting parties.


The perils of big city living. Mind you I won't even entertain the thought of living in suburbia...don't like driving and it's a must when you're living in the suburbs.

But, sounds like it's time for you folks to move to a bigger place.

Happy co-op apartment hunting!

3:49 PM  
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Anonymous jenn said...

Sounds cool! keep us posted!

6:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I swear, I had those applications for years! I would take them out, look at them and then get frustrated and put them back in a drawer. The funny thing about co-ops is that some of them have a minimum income, so if you're REALLY poor you aren't eligible. The whole thing seemed rather complicated for us, what with a part time daughter (in order to get a two bedroom your child must be living with you full time, ridiculous I thought) and two cats. So we went rural instead! Good luck!

1:56 PM  

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