Sunday, December 10, 2006

hello, december!

Last night we put up our christmas tree. It's actually the first year that we haven't had a real tree due to space constraints in our tiny apartment (oh! I miss that fresh pine scent!). It's a silver tinsel tree and i love how sparkly it is and how all of our vintage and handmade christmas decorations seem right at home.

Last night, I also pulled out our Christmas stockings and fell in love with one I had made a few years ago out of an old pair of cords. That year I made stockings out of old cords for all of my friends. The best part, naturally, is the bum pocket as extra treats can be put inside...because everyone loves more treats on Christmas morning!

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Anonymous Joanne said...

Molto bene - very original!!
Your corduroy christmas stocking is rockin' fun!
And your tinsel tree works really well with your unique decorations. Gives it a surreal quality :)

I won't be setting up a tree this year - too lazy and much too poor. Instead I made some red glittery orbs from $-store finds and hung them on some long branches that are in a vase in the living room. It adds a festive touch that I can live with.

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