Wednesday, July 11, 2007

how about you and me in the nude, me and you in the nude, if that's what you're into

Even though I don't have cable, I LOVE this show. Flight of the Conchords. Awesome.


Blogger Rachel said...

Ah! We too are cable-less and obcessed!

5:33 AM  
Anonymous brandy said...

This doesn't have to do with TV(don't have cable but somehow have a monster tv..hmm.)

You've probably already seen this as well but your Bacon Maple donut in Portland made me have to forward this to you...

I think smoked bacon might be the new chipotle of the "weird" flavor set.

Love your blogs!

9:00 AM  
Blogger kickpleat said...

oh my god, brandy! that chocolate bar sounds crazy ass good. weird!

9:06 AM  
Anonymous Joanne said...

When I was a kid I used to eat potato chips and plain chocolate together. It was an interesting flavour combination and I enjoyed the varied textures of going from sweet and creamy to crispy and salty. I wonder if this crispy bacon chocolate bar might conjure up memories of Joanne's "yute"...ha ha!

4:08 PM  
Anonymous Joanne said...

BTW, who are these folks? Am I missing out on something here? I must say I found this clip very entertaining :D

8:39 AM  
Anonymous Martine said...

Completely genius and addictive! I looooove Jermaine.

2:23 PM  
Blogger kickpleat said...

martine, jemaine is my favorite!!! he's awesome.

1:12 PM  

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