Thursday, July 05, 2007

nice to meet you, summer

I almost can't believe it...summer is finally here! It's been a strange spring (meaning long winter) and the West Coast truely lived up to its name. But enough of that, I'm all about enjoying the sunshine! Picnics, barbeques and bike rides 4eva.

A few days ago, I posted my new summer soundtrack (look to your right). Enjoy!

And check out my tomato plant! Not only does it live...but it bears fruit.



Anonymous Joanne said...

Well, we're expecting another scorching heat wave this weekend in T.O. As for me, I'll be sitting under a gazebo at the craft show in Elora both on Saturday and Sunday. The good thing is that I will be away from the smog and crowds of the city, and looking forward to spending the night at a quaint B&B near Guelph. Yippee!!

3:06 PM  

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