Friday, March 28, 2008

wally's bites the dust

Vancouver is quickly losing it's history in the rush to build up a condo or two (thousand) and this weekend marks the end of Wally's Burgers, a local burger joint. Read my write up on the Food Network Canada blog, Bazaar.

In other news, this morning's crazy snowfall is over. I know, crazy in the coconut! The snow did not stick but I'm not taking any chances with the weather. So I'm putting on my tweed skirt and heavy woolen knee highs (it might be the last time I can wear them until next fall) and heading to the store for much needed groceries. With all this weather brouhaha, I'm thinking I need to bake cake. Cake!

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Blogger Sun Rae said...

So long Wally's. I never ate there but I always wanted to and just knowing it was there was nice. I'm so mad at this city. Sometimes I hate it. I feel like Vancouver is the most immature baby of all the world's major cities. Or more like an awkward teenager who's making all the wrong choices. Vancouver isn't sophisticated or hip. My husband thinks we should start referring to it as Prince George South. No offence Prince George.

7:15 PM  
Blogger Jamie U said...

That totally sucks. I just moved to Toronto from Vancouver and Wally's was sweet. There was another burger joint in Cloverdale (Highway 10) called Rodeo Burger and it was amazing. It had awesome shakes. A bunch of new stores kept building up around it and I guess the writing was on the wall.

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