Thursday, December 11, 2008

cozy up with knits!

photo from modern acorn

I wish I could knit more than just a scarf (and I haven't even done that in over 2 years), cuz I would definitely make these Maine Morning Mits from Modern Acorn. Love them!! They'd be perfect for bike riding because I like having total control over my shifters and breaks without a clump of bulky fabric around my fingers messing things up for me.Plus, they're long so I could do without my wrist warmers (which really are just my old pair of striped socks cut off at the foot).

photo by smallest bones

Or I'd knit this fabulous cardigan spotted in October on my Flickr stream by the very talented Jen. Isn't it the cutest?

photo from tea with toast

Then there's this cowl made by etsy seller Tea with Toast. There's also a very nice striped version here. Again perfect for cozier bike riding or just looking stylish while staying warm. It's not very cold here yet, but I can definitely see it being useful soon! Rumour has it that there might be snow this weekend. Even if it only falls on the mountains, at least it will feel a bit more like winter!

And in other wintery news, I finally updated the mp3 hit list to the right with some sweet Christmas tunes. Enjoy! And last night, we finally put up our pretty silver tinsel Christmas tree. Photos sure to come.

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OpenID k-in-sf said...

Hi! I saw your comment about green wires ruining a silver tree over on sfgirlbybay, and I tried to post a comment reply there (twice!), but it never showed up! Alack.

What I wated to tell you is: lights on a WHITE cord blend in really well on a silver tree (I'm looking at mine as I type) and look swell. You can buy them ready-made most places these days, so no painting necessary.

Sorry to post it here, but I didn't know how else to reach you!


12:51 PM  
Blogger kickpleat said...

thanks kelly! i'm still going to make due with the lights i have, but when they need replacing, i'll definitely look into ones with white cords.

3:03 PM  

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