Monday, April 13, 2009

must have been a busy week!

I can't believe that I have ignored this blog for a whole week. Work has been keeping me busy lately and when I have any spare bit of time, I'm scoring and folding cards in preparation for Got Craft in May. Also, Cornelius and I have been seriously at work redesigning our website. It's been a half-assed "coming soon" page for over a year and we now have a design finalized and are working on content. Ugh, so much work!! Why is it so much harder designing for yourself?? Regardless, today I'm off to the local print shop I deal with to get more birthday calendars printed up.

But, enough about work...above is a print that I love from The Cloudy Collection which is available for $35 + free shipping in the US & Canada...and that's for 7 prints!! Amazing. It is my birthday coming up....

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