Friday, March 06, 2009

new card in the shop

Yesterday I picked up a bunch of new cards from the local print shop. You look beautiful today is now available at my etsy shop and I have a bunch of new cards that will make their debut in the coming week or so. I also will have my very first giveaway! True. So stay tuned next week.

In other news, I've finally got into Twitter. I had an account but didn't really use it. Then I installed TwitterFox (for Firefox) and, oh boy, I'm tweeting! I also have a Tumbler account too. I have to say I love Tumbler. So much easier than blogging and who doesn't love looking at pretty pictures? Follow me on Twitter or Tumbler or both! If you guessed I spent way too much time online, you are correct.

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Blogger Bijoux said...

I look beautiful?? Oh thank ya, thank ya very much!! :D Just thought I'd mention I'm still in my pj's and robe and it's 4:30pm...but I just love this card and had to comment on it! Great work as always!

1:35 PM  
Blogger kickpleat said...

i love this card too, thanks bijoux!

12:51 PM  
Anonymous celine said...

as soon as I run out of cards (might take me a little bit), I'll be sure to hit your store. I noticed a crapload of things I'm interested in!

1:39 AM  

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