Thursday, January 04, 2007

hello, 2007!

Well, now that the holidays are over, I can look back and reflect on all the good things of the season. Victoria was wonderful and Cornelius and I loved poking about the Royal BC Museum (I loved all the dioramas!) and wandering about the streets and all the little shops that seemed to defy the march of time. I loved that!

Christmas was good to me. I got the hilarious Amy Sedaris book I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence. It's a total must have! Oh, how I love that Sedaris clan! Another great book was Nigella's Feast cookbook. Yum! Now, I definitely need a kitchen scale since most of the baking measurements in that book are in grams. Yes, another thing to add to my list of must have kitchen appliances! But I did cross off my list something I found under the tree: my very own microplane grater! Finally! I've already used it to grate some dark chocolate over top of Cornelius birthday pie and to add some lemon zest to a pasta dish. I love it.

And other good things...
I just booked a table for 2 at Chambar for Dine Out Vancouver. It's my first time taking part in this event, so I'm pretty excited. Just take a peek at this yummy menu and all for $25. Yummers. I've been wanting to go to Chambar for quite awhile now, and having a 3 course meal and a good price is just the needed push I need. Plus, it's a close 20 minute walk away from home, which is always a nice thing.



Anonymous Joanne said...

There's a similar type of dining out event that Toronto hosts aptly called "Winterlicious" and "Summerlicious". But after two bombed dining experiences...lukewarm curry squash soup...and blas`e Gazpacho...I say 'yucky-poo' to Toronto dining during "winterlicious" and "summerlicious".
Mind you the menu always looks so tempting maybe it was just a stroke of bad luck.
Better luck to your dining experience at "Chambar" Kickpleat!

mmm...moules frites :)

p.s. I've had my eye on Amy's book for a while. Although I don't know much about her and her clan being cable-less and all.

As for kitchen appliances...hurray for nicely designed kitchen latest fetish...I love my citrus zester but a microplane grater sounds excellent too.

Glad to hear your trip to Victoria was a hit!

Well, back I go to writing job resumes...

2:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just blogged about my love for cookbooks too :) I too got Nigellas "Feast" cookbook! Love it!

7:30 PM  

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