Thursday, January 17, 2008

beautiful film week: 3-iron & days of heaven

Okay, so I'm a definitely late-comer to this party, but I love the idea of posting a beautiful film for each day of the week. And to start things off, my beautiful film for this grey day is 3-Iron (Bin-jip), a Korean love story. The story and cinematography is beautiful, subtle and quiet. Perfect.

And I'll post one more today to make up for lost time. My most favorite movie ever is another quiet and oh-so beautiful movie, Days of Heaven directed by the master director of the beautiful shot, Terrence Malick. I could lick the screen on this one.

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Anonymous Lisa said...

I love the movie "Days of Heaven" - not many people I know have seen it - it is so visually stunning I could watch it over and over. The visuals and the voice-over lull you in and you're hooked

12:40 PM  

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