Tuesday, January 13, 2009

boots! boots! boots!!!!

This afternoon when I came home I was greeted with this:

Oh my!! The largest box of boots ever! I was pretty excited and giggled like a madwoman as I tore open the box to try on my boots. Sure, most of the snow has melted by now and those Sorels probably won't get used until next winter (unless it's snowy when I go back to Ontario in a few weeks), but they feel great. Warm, waterproof and total shit-kickers. The Tretorns are perfect for the weather and super comfortable, so I'll wear them everywhere. They even have tiny reflectors around the top, so they're great for night bike rides. All in all, I'm super excited about my online purchase from Zappo's Canada. I've just got to make sure this online shopping doesn't become a habit!

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Blogger Bijoux said...

Enjoy your boots!

I'm trying to push Zappos Canada out of my mind until I can afford to buy more shoes...notice the use of the plural "shoes" and not a "pair of shoes" ;)

Great timing too!! I think your trip to Ontario in a few weeks is bound to have snow.

9:16 PM  
Blogger kickpleat said...

yay! i'll be really excited to wear the boots in the snow so i hope the snow in ontario sticks around for awhile!

11:34 AM  
Blogger Brandy said...

Ohhh...if you don't mind me asking how was the customs on them?
If there is no snow here in Ontario in a few weeks I'd be really, really surprised. Here in Toronto were suppose to get 10-15 cm in the next few days on top of the mountains we already have.

10:39 AM  
Blogger kickpleat said...

Brandy, you pay an import fee at zappos right when you buy them, so there are no extra border fees. all in all, with the exchange rate and the added fees, they still ended up being cheaper than if i would have bought them in town. i'm super happy!

10:50 AM  

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