Monday, October 04, 2010

hello autumn.

Well, it's fall now. The weather last week was nothing but amaze-balls. Sunshine, really warm and all-round wonderful. I rode my bike a lot, went for an 18 km hike up to Mount Garibaldi, and even went to see Caribou at the Vogue who were fantastic (any band with 2 drummers makes for a good show). But today is Monday and it's grey, grey, grey.

Luckily we're prepared for cozy indoor times as we bought a new couch. Well, new to us that is. It was an amazing Craigslist score and we love how it looks in our living room. And that lovely September evening light flooding into our place helped to make it even better.

I'm also super excited because soon I'll have a bunch of new cards in my etsy shop & they are all pretty wonderful, I think. Stay tuned this week for an announcement and a shop update.

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Blogger la ninja said...

hi there,

loving the couch but what I'm really after is that lamp! double-headed? wow.

6:01 AM  
Anonymous Becky said...

I agree with la ninja, that lamp is TO DIE FOR! Of course the couch is awesome, too, but seriously... hand over the lamp.

12:52 PM  
Blogger said...

love the atmosphere, and those drawers look exactly like the ones we had at our uni for the library's catalogues. what gets to be kept in them if i may?

5:37 PM  

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