Wednesday, January 10, 2007

oh, the lanes!

On Monday night it was back to our regular league play after a 2 week break due to the holidays. I was all excited to play and rode like a bat out of hell in the pouring rain just to feel the comraderie of our good ol' bowling team. Unfortunately for me, the first 2 games were a total disaster. I let The Gravy Frames down! I couldn't remember how to bowl and I certainly couldn't bring back my top flight skillz from last month. Thankfully, on my third game, it all came back to me. While the rest of my teammates were all hopped up on a delicate blend of Kokanee & Canadian, I eshewed malty beverages and kept my eye on the prize. My efforts paid off in full and I was able to kick bowling ass for good. So my +29 points over average on the last game didn't compensate for the -70 combined points of my first two games, they did end the evening on a positive note and made my chilly bike ride back home a little less cold.

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Anonymous Joanne said...


"Bat out of Hell"...I like that expression.

Believe it or not I was first introduced to bowling a few months ago and really had fun.

I sucked at it though :P

12:24 PM  

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