Wednesday, August 22, 2007

europe, here i come!

We leave on Sunday for our trip to Europe and I can't wait. We managed to snag a super cheap flight to Frankfurt, so our super rough & very flexible itinerary goes like this: Frankfurt > Koblenz > Cologne > Luxembourg > Ghent > Bruges > Brussels > Antwerp > Amsterdam > some cycling around Holland > Berlin > Vilnius > Kaunas > Frankfurt > Vancouver. Phew! Not bad for 35 days of travel!

We plan on traveling super cheap and we will be couch surfing at least one third of the time (we already have our first night in Frankfurt and our next 2 nights in Cologne set thanks to CS). Free sleeps, how about that! We also will be traveling light. I guess after doing some bike touring I realize that traveling light is the way to go. So last night we bought a great carry-on pack at MEC and so far it seems pretty amazing. Cornelius has packed his already and will only be bringing 7 pounds of clothes and toiletries. I'm thinking of bringing an extra pair of shoes, which will tip my bag at 9 pounds! Maybe before I leave I'll post a list of what exactly will be in my pack.

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Anonymous Joanne said...

I pointed out your backpack to my husband and so he says he wants to go to MEC to pick one up funny is that? I've been to MEC 4 times in the past month picking up all sorts of goodies...gotta love MEC. My great finds: I bought a pair of mini binoculars for $12 so I can view the scenery up close and a slim pocket-size waterproof container ($8) for storing cash, keys and our tiny digital camera for when we go kayaking in caves around the island of Milos. And of course, a first aid kit because being the neurotic person that I am I have to have a pair of tweezers, alcohol wipes and band-aids in case I step on a spiny sea urchin...Initially I was going to get the sturdy rubber soled sea-surfing shoes (for protection not for wind-surfing) from MEC but I just couldn't part with the $, a first aid kit of $10 seems like a better, inexpensive choice...heh.

6:20 PM  
Blogger kickpleat said...

haha, so funny! mec is the best. have fun on your trip...kayaking sounds wonderful!

12:09 AM  

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