Monday, May 19, 2008

back from vacation & still on holiday.

Our 10 day roadtrip through Washington and Oregon was pretty awesome. The natural beauty of it all was stunning as you can see from the photos above. So much driving though. I never realized just how much driving we could do between towns. At least we had our 2 ipods loaded and the scenery was pretty.

We got back into Vancouver ready for the holiday long weekend and the 30+ degree weather. So hot and summery! I loved it. On Saturday, we went out for breakfast and then over to Jericho Beach where we sat on a log and got in some sunshine. Yesterday was filled with gardening, patio meals and because we had a borrowed pick-up truck, we even went to a drive-in movie! Speed Racer was totally spazzy and colourful and awesome. I loved it. Perfect drive-in fare.

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