Wednesday, January 05, 2011

the home, anew

I love these honeycombed vases that I spotted on Cafe Cartolina. They're from West Elm and I think they'd make a lovely addition to our home as the colours are pretty much my favorite. I've been thinking a lot about home lately. We love where we live and while it's not perfect by any means, it's suitable for the next few years or longer. We haven't put much thought into decorating and there's still boxes in our dining room corner that have been here since we moved in nearly four years ago! Shameful. Our hallway is lined with books to give away (but we're taking care of that as our local library now has a book sale cart where all proceeds go to the branch) and we've got too much clutter laying about.

We need to clear out and reorganize our storeroom. In its current state it's pretty hard to find what we want.

Our bedroom has the least amount of thought put into it. Through the generosity of a friend, we got a great lamp that nearly matches a lamp that I've held dear too for many years, so I figure this is a good start to get moving on getting the bedroom to a lovely, restful state. I'm being ruthless in the closet area and starting a pile of clothing to give away. I'd love to find a nice duvet cover, fabric for the window curtains, a lovely wooden antique headboard, and a couple night tables and call it done. But due to the amount of money I want to spend (ie, not much), it requires a lot of patience and craigslisting.

Cornelius has a few ideas for our office - getting rid of the wall shelves and instead creating a bookshelf of some sort. My main goal is to keep my desk tidy and clear of papers. We also want to achieve a paperless office, but that requires finding a tiny scanner for that purpose (we're looking on craigslist).

I am pretty happy with our living room. Our new couch is working out fine, though I'd love to find a couple of large cushions for the sofa and a winter set of curtains to help retain the heat in the winter. Also, it's time for an artwork shake up. I love the Lovely Design prints on our living room wall, but the artwork in our hallway, dining room and front entrance really need changing. Less collage dorm and more grown-up, please.

As for the kitchen, one of these days I'd love to paint the cupboards and add a nicer backsplash - but that is a huge job and I'm not sure it would be worth it since we are living in a co-op. Regardless, it's great to have goals for the house and I'm excited to make changes!

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Blogger diandra said...

i got a 3-in-one scanner copier thingy from staples for $49?? before xmas. it's a good one too!
AND have you seen that bookshelf desk combo? there's a tutorial on apartment therapy. i wish i had more room b/c i'd make on in our house :)

1:18 PM  
Blogger kickpleat said...

Thanks for commenting diandra! That shelf/desk is cute but wouldn't really work in our office since our office is really serious business ;) haha. But I love seeing options. Thanks!

2:18 PM  
Blogger Make!Do! said...

Dear friend, I have been COVETING this print since it was brought to my attention.
Perhaps you might like it too?

6:41 PM  
Blogger kickpleat said...

Make! Do!, I love that print as well! Yes, we've got great taste.

6:31 AM  
Blogger Bijoux said...

I love those honeycomb vases! I've never been to West Elm before.
I totally hear you on the home decorating front! I have given up on reorganizing my home or buying new things like furniture to decorate it. Why? Because everything I like is so damn expensive. Combing through Craigslist doesn't always produce something of interest either. My home space is quite small and more furniture would mean more clutter. Likewise as much as the walls can use more art work, I'm very picky about my art work and my other half and I seldom agree on art work so for now the walls remain relatively bare.

12:59 PM  
Blogger Francia said...

Nice decoration.. I have also been feeling homey lately, I bought a new couch and Im working on decoration, I love your colors!

2:06 PM  
Blogger Brooke said...

I love your blog! I have one also, I am just starting it, it would be lovely if you check it out! :)

8:06 PM  

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