Wednesday, May 04, 2011

hello spring, let's make it sunny!

Oh hello, I'm still here - on occasion. I figured an update was in order and why not talk about these lovely sandals. They're Worishofer sandals which have always been grandma sandals but because a few celebs have been wearing them - they are now "fashionable". Whatever, I think they're cute and more importantly, I'm hoping, comfortable. I do so much walking and in the past have wrecked my feet by wearing shitty shoes without support. Now, I'm all about the comfort. I got them from Amazon and I was so surprised at how quickly them came – I ordered them in the wee morning hours on Tuesday and they're on my feet today. They do fit small, so if you want a pair, order a full size up!

This is also my birthday week. I'm not too excited but that's because I'll be doing Got Craft? on Sunday, May 8th (my actual birth date - take note). It will be a fun event and I hope to sell a lot of cards - including a bunch of new ones that I have in shop. However, because I'll be shilling, it's not going to be very birthday festive. But that's okay, I'm going to figure out something birthday-fabulous the following weekend. Maybe something involving picnics and cocktails and cake. Yes, that sounds just fine.

I'm not sure what kind of cake I'd like this year, but I did spy a tasty chocolate and peanut butter dacquoise in last month's issue of Bon Appetit. But what I'd really like to try is to decorate a very frilly cake like this one. I love how it looks so much.

Oh, and unlike the title of this post, it is sunny (and thankfully, has been for a few days here and there). But c'mon, we need some serious springtime taking place in Vancouver. Just saying.

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Blogger pupil03 said...

lol, cute sandals...:), and advanced happy b-day btw...:D, and here's my gift for you... On the same date as your b-day, Joan of Arc liberated the city of Orlean on 1429.. :), trivia..
P.S. pls check out my blog. :D

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