Saturday, September 23, 2006

stupid human party trick

We're about to head to the Vancouver Aquarium so that we can see all the "kittens of the sea"...which is the strangely affectionate name Cornelius calls the sea otters. But during our morning coffee, I had mentioned to Cornelius a stupid human party trick that I had read about here. We tried it out and it didn't have the dramatic outcome of "ooohs" and "ahhhs" that we expected. So C decided to one-up the article and shared an old trick he tried out as a kid. It totally freaked me out and I'll share it here so that you can freak out your own friends and family. A stunt truely worthy of the stupid human trick genre.

1. Stand in a doorway and press your arms out so that the back of your hand is pressing against the doorway. Now press really firmly using all of your biceps and arm muscles for about 30 seconds or so (longer if you can).

2. Step away from the doorway and loosely drop your arms to your sides. Relax your arms completely.

3. Now, let the magic happen.

Your arms will slowly rise away from your body. It's freaky and makes you feel like some kind of zombie. Crazy Saturday morning fun.

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Blogger linda said...

So, I just had to try it, because I didn't believe it was possible. Hilariously creepy!
Enjoy the aquarium.

1:37 PM  
Anonymous Joanne said...

Right on! I'm a (closeted) science nerd and really enjoy learning about human oddities and science trivia. If you happen to be too, you might like to check out this website

I've been to the Vancouver Aquarium and had a marvelous time there. The beluga whales were my fav. I sat there staring at them for about half an hour, mezmerized and in awe of their size and appearance.

Hope you have a great time there!!

4:11 PM  

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