Thursday, May 12, 2011

birthday month continued: cake or bust!

So it's pouring rain, it's chilly and I think I may have spotted hail. May, you are very unkind. I did have an interesting birthday in that I worked it over at Got Craft? and I made out like a bandit. Best spring show ever! So, not a bad birthday windfall there. Thank you to all those people who came out and said hi!

In other news, I'm totally purse hunting. And I'm picky. One, it needs to be a cross-body bag, anything other than that and I'd feel weird and probably lose it in a jiffy. Two, it's got to hold enough stuff and have pockets. My first pick as a good all-round bag is this one from Boden. It's perfect for Vancouver (ie. rainy days), has lots of great pockets and a cute pattern. I'm also looking for something more "grown up" and would like a nice leather bag. I did find a nice bag by Relic (the cheaper division of Fossil) which was ideal except the only colours available in town were gold, white and brown - and it's not leather. The brown is okay, but boring. Red or mustard would be nice! I loved a few of the leather Fossil bags online, but when I went to a department store downtown and tried them out, the cross-body straps just weren't long enough for this tall, long-torso'd gal.

And because I'm already talking about things I want, why not mention a few things that I already have and love! My iphone 4 is amazing. I used to feel cooped up waiting for an email from a client and now I can get things down outside the office and get my emails on the go - a productivity win! It's amazing and I've barely scratched the surface of all the things it can do. Tied to my iphone are these headphones by urbanears. I got them at Walrus in town and they are incredible. They stay in my ears when running and the sound is great. Plus the colour is fab - I got yellow which is a darker mustard than the photo shows so I feel old-school in a Sony Walkman kind of way.

Despite the rain and all the work I've been doing, I'm looking forward to this Saturday to hang out with my friends for a belated birthday celebration. I wish it could involve a picnic or a bike ride, but the weather just isn't co-operating. Instead it will be a lovely dinner out with the loveliest people around. Not bad, I think. Oh, and you better believe that there will be cake.

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