Monday, November 30, 2009

cyber monday deal

Today in honour of cyber monday (really?) I'm offering free worldwide shipping on my Dutch birthday calendar today only. Sale ends at midnight PST. I only list one at a time, so if it's sold out, just look in my shop for another. Thanks!

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

shopping mode

I'm totally in shopping mode, well, actually browsing mode. Here are some picks that have been tempting me!

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Monday, November 23, 2009

crafty around town

I'm pretty excited about these Got Craft postcards (front & back). I designed them for the upcoming holiday market on December 6th and I think they turned out really well. I can't wait until I see the matching posters around telephone poles across Vancouver! And of course, I've got a table at Got Craft so that I can sell my cards & calendars which is always super fun.

And speaking of Vancouver craft fairs, I'll also be at the Western Front benefit Toque this weekend: Friday Nov. 27th and Saturday Nov. 28th. There will be a ton of great local artists and it's always for a very good cause.

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Friday, November 20, 2009

keeping the winter chill at bay

It's chilly in our apartment and both Cornelius and I are really stingy about turning on the heat. We keep the heat in our apartment off most of the time, but will end up cranking it in our office since that's where we are most of the day. Most of the heat loss seems to go out of the windows and our windows do seem to let in a lot of chilly air (even with our double-paned windows).

I've been considering getting some heavy lined drapes for our livingroom since always the coldest room in the house. But then I spotted a link on Not Martha about using bubble wrap to help insulate windows during the winter. I liked that it was an easy, inexpensive fix that still let light through.

We ended up installing the bubble wrap (which we purchased at an office supply store) on most windows, but we left one window pane exposed in every room so it would be easy to open the windows or clearly see out of. The difference in temperature is quite noticeable. We can be in the living room watching movies and we don't need to turn on the heat unless it gets really cold. And in our small office where we keep the door closed, we so far have not needed to turn on the heat. It's been pretty amazing for such a small fix!

Now that some colder weather has set upon us, we do have the heat on, however, the window covering really does keep the heat in without letting the cold enter. Over all, I'm super impressed, and yes, the pattern is pretty frickin cool.

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