Wednesday, January 31, 2007

more shopping finds

I just found another site that doesn't deliver to Canada, but I think I want these items so much that I'll have them delivered to my friend in Portland, OR and then she can ship them to Vancouver for me. I'm sure she won't mind!

Isn't that polka-dot shirt dress divine? I actually have no idea how a shirt dress would look on me (especially since I'm pretty chesty) and I like to balance out my chest with an a-line skirt, but I love the dots and the peter pan collar. And I can just imagine that it would be the perfect dress to wander around Europe for a month when we go in September.

And of course, I can't forget that kicky little skirt! I wear skirts all the time and I love the stitching details and the dark denimn colour. Another perfect skirt for wandering and poking about in.

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Friday, January 26, 2007

Social Networking

An old Daily Show bit that does not lose it's appeal. Thank you youtube! There's also a whole Demetri Martin comedy special on youtube. What can I say...he's a cutie pie.

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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

eye candy

I don't exactly know how I ended up browsing an online shop that I can't ever shop at since they don't offer shipping to Canada (Zappos, I'm talking to you too!), but I still managed to waste time gawking at these pretty tops. I love the retro feel (especially of the cutie sleeveless number on the left) and the strong prints. Black mixed bright colours creates some very lovely eye candy.

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I am so hooked in

Oooh, Blogger is totally giving me the business lately. I'm having troubles signing onto blogs and leaving comments for those who have switched to the new Blogger format! Grrrrr!

But one thing I'm not having problems with...the absence of tv from my life. Cornelius thinks it's funny because tv isn't really gone from my life because I've got loads of tv on dvd from the library (right now I'm watching season one of Lost and last night we finished season one of Entourage) and last night's episode of Veronica Mars is already on my computer. I'm certainly not lacking televised entertainment at all. Also, before I cancelled cable, I picked up a sweet used tuner from Cragslist so that we could finally get radio on our stereo besides listening to This American Life podcasts on my computer, I now can get all the CBC Radio One goodness I need.

Now I just need to set up new RRSP monthly withdrawls in the same amount as my cable bill and I will have completed my New Years resolutions...and it's not even February yet! Hooray!

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Monday, January 22, 2007

i love love

...but I hate drawing hands. I had a friend who was so good at drawing hands that he immediately got a job drawing hands at Disney once he was done his animation program at school. Drawing hands is hard but I've attempted a little drawing ... a naive one ... for valentine's day or for everyday. Love! I love it. On sale at my etsy shop.

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Friday, January 19, 2007

pink is the word

Work has been crazy-nuts lately and we've got a guest staying with us, so that doesn't leave much time for blogging. However, I can do a short little post on something trivial that makes me quite happy. Pink makeup! My mom always buys Clinique moisturizer and she always passes along the free bonus gift to me. Usually there is a couple nice things in the mix but the rest of the stuff usually ends up in the trash. The last time she sent me the lovely pink Clinique bonus case was a totally different story. I loved almost everything inside! The 2 lipsticks work with my colouring (thank god!) and I love the eyeshadow and the blush/bronzer duo. But the best thing is the lip colour surge gloss in camisole. It's just the right amount of pinkness and the word camisole just seems so lovely and sweet and of course, my lips are all shiny and soft. Nice!

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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

oh, the lanes!

On Monday night it was back to our regular league play after a 2 week break due to the holidays. I was all excited to play and rode like a bat out of hell in the pouring rain just to feel the comraderie of our good ol' bowling team. Unfortunately for me, the first 2 games were a total disaster. I let The Gravy Frames down! I couldn't remember how to bowl and I certainly couldn't bring back my top flight skillz from last month. Thankfully, on my third game, it all came back to me. While the rest of my teammates were all hopped up on a delicate blend of Kokanee & Canadian, I eshewed malty beverages and kept my eye on the prize. My efforts paid off in full and I was able to kick bowling ass for good. So my +29 points over average on the last game didn't compensate for the -70 combined points of my first two games, they did end the evening on a positive note and made my chilly bike ride back home a little less cold.

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Sunday, January 07, 2007


I am a fan of salt. I choose salty over sweet any day. I've got Salt: A World History on hold at the library, I drink caesars when I go out and in the past I've created my own vodka based "salty dogs". Now I've found the holy grail of sodium-rich olives...may I introduce you to Sable & Rosenfeld's Vermouth "Spiked" Pimento Tipsy Olives. Oh my! These babies are a natural addition to any martini but if you're like me, these olives will have you snacking to no end. I have to limit my olive intake to two olives per day (they are loaded with fat and sodium, after all), but I enjoy those 2 olives immensely! Now if only I could find those citrus gin soaked olives in a store close by...

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Thursday, January 04, 2007

hello, 2007!

Well, now that the holidays are over, I can look back and reflect on all the good things of the season. Victoria was wonderful and Cornelius and I loved poking about the Royal BC Museum (I loved all the dioramas!) and wandering about the streets and all the little shops that seemed to defy the march of time. I loved that!

Christmas was good to me. I got the hilarious Amy Sedaris book I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence. It's a total must have! Oh, how I love that Sedaris clan! Another great book was Nigella's Feast cookbook. Yum! Now, I definitely need a kitchen scale since most of the baking measurements in that book are in grams. Yes, another thing to add to my list of must have kitchen appliances! But I did cross off my list something I found under the tree: my very own microplane grater! Finally! I've already used it to grate some dark chocolate over top of Cornelius birthday pie and to add some lemon zest to a pasta dish. I love it.

And other good things...
I just booked a table for 2 at Chambar for Dine Out Vancouver. It's my first time taking part in this event, so I'm pretty excited. Just take a peek at this yummy menu and all for $25. Yummers. I've been wanting to go to Chambar for quite awhile now, and having a 3 course meal and a good price is just the needed push I need. Plus, it's a close 20 minute walk away from home, which is always a nice thing.


Wednesday, January 03, 2007

master of shred

This year I've made a few resolutions and one of them is getting rid of cable television. I will truely miss TCM (the only tv station to ever win my heart) and I'll miss the Colbert Report. Luckily, I was able to catch Robert Schneider from the Apples in Stereo perform as an "opening act" to Stephen's guitarmageddon. I used to be a huge Apples fan and remember being so excited seeing them open for Pavement and yelling from the balcony at the Vogue Theater to play my favorite songs from FunTrickNoiseMaker (oooh, was that almost 1o years ago?). What can I say, they're a catchy band that I've seen probably more times live than any other band (well other than local favorites). You can view the super catchy original song with all the fun animations at the You Ain't No Picasso blog, and also download the song as an MP3. Cool.

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