Friday, March 30, 2007

the daiso bus

Last night, my friend Mel booked a mini-van from the car co-op and six girls headed out to Richmond to Daiso. To those not familar with Daiso, it's a Japanese store where everything is $2. There are 2 levels of housewares, cosmetics, gardening supplies, and some wacky products like the peach-scented nipple cream I bought a couple of years ago as a joke. I'm always very cautious when shopping there because I don't want to get carried away nor do I want to bring even more junk back home. This shopping trip I did very well and purchased 3 very lovely notebooks, a wooden box for Cornelius (not pictured) and a very cute owl vase. Grand total: $10. Not bad.

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Thursday, March 29, 2007

spring is in the air!

We're still unpacking boxes and we have a very long list of things to buy, but we're definitely trying to get organized and make this new place a home. But how can we feel bad about anything when the sun has been out all week long and it's warm enough to put on light spring jackets and the cherry blossoms have finally made it out of hibernation. Our neighbourhood is awash in pinks and whites and the sidewalks have been given a new floral carpet. Hello spring, what took you so long?

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Thursday, March 22, 2007

on the move

I'm going to be away for a little bit as me and the man move into our new apartment. I'm super excited about it. Last November I wrote about applying to a few co-ops and just this February we were approved to move into one just 2 blocks away from our current place! So we get to stay in the neighbourhood we love and we get an extra bedroom, a balcony with a view of the mountains and way more space. I can't wait!

See you next week!

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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

This American Life on tv

I love This American Life. When I'm on roadtrips through the states, we always listen to NPR and get excited when we're able to catch Ira Glass and the many stories being told. Now with podcasts, hearing the radio program is easier than ever and now there is even a This American Life television show. I was able to catch a quick segment via BoingBoing and it's as awesome as ever. The segment is animated by my favorite graphic novelist, Chris Ware of Acme Novelty Library and it's pretty wonderful. Enjoy.

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Monday, March 19, 2007

my top 10

I've always appreciated that Thimble shared her music finds, so I finally decided to post my own playlist. If you look to the sidebar, you'll notice a new feature: my monthly playlist! Mp3 files of stuff I've been listening to lately. And if you like them, you should buy the cd or the download the mp3 files from itunes. Enjoy! You can always check out what I'm currently listening to by clicking on my Last FM link. And speaking of Last FM, I'm pretty excited to find out that a couple of my favorites are coming to town soon via the Events feature on the site. Now I just have to remember to purchase some tickets soon to the Ratatat, Electrelane and !!! shows. Also, I just found out that Dear Nora will be playing at my favorite venue, The Department of Safety in Anacortes, WA in May. I think a roadtrip is definitely in order.

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go cars go

I don't own a car nor do I want to...however, these Japanese imports that I've spotted around town are waaaay too cute!! They're being sold in town by Japanoid and imported directly from Japan. Those Nissans are awesome and I've seen at least 2 of these cars parked around my neighbourhood.

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Saturday, March 17, 2007

personal annual report

Yesterday I received the best mail. Not only was the envelope a stunning work of typography and design, but the contents were amazing.

In January, I had come across a website that mentioned that there was a designer in New York City who would mail out his personal annual report to anyone who asked. I was intrigued and since I love getting mail, I emailed Nicholas Felton if he would be so kind to mail me his report. And yesterday, this beautifully designed booklet of Nicholas' facts from 2006 was set out before me in black, white and yellow. Facts like:
Days on Jury Duty: 5
Plants Killed: 4
Best New Artist: Battles
Airports Visited: 8
Digital VS Analog Photographs: 37:1
Swimming Adventures: 2
Best Movie: The New World
I love it. And it's now available for perusal online.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

front page

Somehow, the etsy powers that be, chose my treasury listing to make it to the front page! Five items off my list sold, but luckily I had back-up picks, so all is good. And I'm adding new items as older ones sell, so keep checking back. Hooray!

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Tuesday, March 13, 2007


I can't believe that I finally got an etsy treasury! I picked many lovely things from my friends as well as stuff from my favorites. Enjoy!

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Monday, March 12, 2007

wrap it up

I needed to gift wrap a present for a friend's birthay, and found the tear off calendar sheet from my Pentagram calender to be a perfect fit! Huzzah. Now I know what to do with my beautiful pages from last year's Nikki McClure calendar.

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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

long time no see

I'm finally getting over the worst case of the flu I've had in years. I get sick once a year but the last week or so I've been rendered pretty much incapacitated by chills, sweats, sleep, aches and pains, and a cough that makes it clear who is boss. The cough is still with me and I've got a rattle in my chest that I've got to keep an eye on since I've got a history of pneumonia, but this evening is the first time that I actually feel like myself. It feels good to be back!

But the reason for this post is this exciting bag of chocolates that Cornelius got for me as a treat....

While Cornelius was in the pharmacy filling my prescription and stocking up on my echinacea/goldenseal capsules, he discovered a bag of Popping Mini Eggs!!! I love Mini Eggs so I'm not sure what I'll expect with these, but when your defenses are down it's hard to resist gifted novelty candy!

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