Tuesday, August 19, 2008

the upside to low expectations

It seems like every single movie I've watched lately, I've actually liked. What's up with that critical eye I like to think I have? Maybe I'm just lazy because of the heat or my expectations are so gosh darn low, but man, I've seen some good movies lately.

Here's a list of a few movies that I've watched recently.
  • Batman Begins. This is the very first Batman movie I've seen. I really liked it and now I can't wait to see the new one.
  • Eagle vs Shark. When this came out I really wanted to see it and then I heard bad things about it, so I didn't. Low expectations whatever, I liked it. Plus it stars my favorite big-lipped New Zealander, Jemaine. Swoon!
  • The Future is Unwritten. This movie made me like the Clash just a little bit less, Joe Strummer, especially. I saw another Clash doc a year ago that I liked better, but this was still a good movie.
  • My Kid Could Paint That. A really good documentary. Saw it twice.
  • Shoot 'Em Up. LOVED this movie. Didn't know a thing about it, but it was totally fun and exciting to watch.
  • Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Thought it wouldn't be that good, but I really liked it a lot. So funny, especially if you think penises are funny (who doesn't?).
  • In Bruges. Truth is I only saw this movie because I actually loved Bruges when we visited last year. I came for the tourism but stayed for the whole movie. Not a comedy, not a drama. Enjoyable.
  • Billy Childish is Dead. This is a really great documentary of artist/punk musician Billy Childish.
Care to share any good movies that you've seen recently? Comment with your picks! Okay, now why isn't there a Good Reads/Library Thing for movies?


Friday, August 01, 2008

hello long weekend!

In just couple of hours, I'll be putting down my tablet pen and will put my computer to sleep and will greet the start of the long weekend! I'll be meeting some friends downstairs and then we'll be biking towards some fancy mixed beverages on a (hopefully) not too rainy patio.

Hello, long weekend, you are greatly appreciated. Oh, and to get you through this last month of summer, my August playlist has been updated. Just look to your right for some sweet songs. The veviter one is my favorite (it's a Michael Hurley cover).

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