Tuesday, July 06, 2010

what i love: dr. bronner's soap

I don't do a lot of shopping when I'm on vacation. I do like to poke about in vintage shops & thrift stores, but I like to keep the shopping to a minimum. While I was in San Francisco, I did want to pick up some sandals but I didn't have much luck with the ones I wanted, so after trying on a pair that didn't fit well, I ditched the idea.

What I did buy however was soap. Lots of it. While in Santa Cruz, I stumbled upon their local organic market and found my fave Dr. Bronner's on sale. I bought 8 bars. What can I say....I love their soap. It's magic after all! Peppermint is my favorite. It gives good tingle.

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Sunday, July 04, 2010

summer list

After reading Orangette, and feeling for our lack of summer, I decided that I needed to do a summer list as well. Here's a few things that I'd love to check off my list this summer. Here's hoping!

Ferry rides.

Bike touring.



Tank tops & lazy evenings on the balcony.

Long hikes.

Gelato cones.

Berry picking.

Nighttime art shows in the park.


Garage sale finds.

Being barefoot in the grass.